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A layer of goo...

Tom had recently broken up with his girlfriend and was pretty down in the dumps. Being his best friend I thought I would cheer him up so I bought a 24-hour gender swap pill and asked him out for the evening to make him feel better.

We went to dinner, saw a movie, and ended the evening with a couple of drinks at "Clancey's" bar. After which he escorted me home and made sure I got inside to bed safely.

All in all, he was the perfect gentleman.

The pill should wear off by noon as Tom and I didn't do anything that would effect me changing back.

I finally dragged myself out of bed to take a shower and get cleaned up. I started to take off my panties and realized that they were sticking to my pussy. As I peeled them away there was a layer of goo acting as a kind of glue causing my panties to stick.

A realization strikes me.

Maybe Tom wasn't the perfect gentleman after all...

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Score9 pointsComments0 comment DateFebruary 25, 2017 Tags

A Booty Like This

I looked at my new rear, slapping it and sending it into jiggling spasms. "It's like this thing's filled with juice! Oh, i guess that's why they call it a 'juicy' ass..." My thoughts trailed off, as I was mesmerized by my new booty. The spell said it would make it as though I was born the opposite sex, but I didn't think girl me would have such an ass.
"Look at her butt indeed..." I muttered, still making it jiggle as my mom walked into my room. She had been starting to ask me a question, but stopped quickly when she caught sight of me, my hands still pressed to my bottom.
"I-I'm sorry sweetie," she said awkwardly. "i didn't mean to barge in on you. I'll just...let you finish getting dressed..." I smiled awkwardly at her and she left the room, shutting the door behind her. I figured I'd take her advice and finish getting dressed. My first time putting on a bra had been hard (although strangely I could suddenly remember doing it loads of times before), but finding a pair of decent shorts should be a piece of cake.
I picked a pair out of my drawer, and slid them up over my legs. I looked at myself in the mirror. They looked fine.
Until I turned around. "Aw crap! half my ass is hanging out!" I didn't really want to hide the thing, but I also didn't want guys drooling at me when I went outside. I went back to my dresser and rummaged through all my shorts.
They were all like this pair. Tiny little things that gave me good coverage in the front, but the back left nothing to the imagination. I pouted at my reflection, turning my waist so i could get a view of my massive backside.
"I guess having a booty like this has it's drawbacks..."

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Score4 pointsComments0 comment DateFebruary 25, 2017 Tags

The Tables have turned

"What's the matter bro embarrassed?" I laughed spanking my butt.

"Knock it off, quit being weird." He groaned.

"Come on, don't you like my big juicy ass?" I teased more and more "Come on I'll let you touch it if you want to you perv."

Growing up my brother used to tease me all the time for like girlish things and not being into sports, it was torture. Then when I started highschool I ended up with Second Puberty and actually started to become a girl, a pretty sexy one at that, especially in the ass region. Now my brother is mortified by the fact his little brother is now one of the hottest girls in school.

Once I caught him awkwardly trying not to stare at my ass a few times I flipped the script and now I do the teasing as payback...but there is a small part of me that kinda wishes my big strong older brother would just fight back and take what I'm offering but until he does I'll have to settle for fucking his friends in secret.

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Score1 pointComments0 comment DateFebruary 25, 2017 Tags

A Woman Like Me

When Henry woke up, he had boobs and was getting his new pussy eaten out by his girlfriend, as some hairy guy was doing her from behind. Suddenly the hairy dude stopped pumping Carla. His girlfriend Carla, lifted her pretty face from his new pussy a moment to explain.

Carla said, "Congratulations and welcome to womanhood, Henry, you are a woman like me. All those girls you cheated on me with, and I find they all loved getting eaten out by you. Well now you can see how it feels for us gals to get eaten out, as one of us! Do you like it? Maybe as much as your female conquests did when you cheated on me with each and every one? I thought it an ironic punishment, and poetic justice you become one of us and start out with the very thing you cheated on me with, eating out pussy, only now it's YOUR pussy getting eaten out, HEIDI!"

With that she went back down on Henry, now Heidi, and Carla then started receiving her new boyfriend once more from behind.

Then she lifted her head once more as they hairy man stopped once again pumping into her, to add insult to injury, "You see that man behind us, in fact now the only man here now in this room? Well, he is my new boyfriend Derrick, and when he's done with me and recharges, baby, it's your turn. You're going to be on the receiving end of a random man, much like you were the random man to all those girls you cheated on me with then dumped the next day like yesterday's newspaper. Welcome to your new life you fucking slut. Oh and Derrick baby, bend her over good, he was always bragging about bending chicks over, now he can be the chick getting bent over and getting fucked instead of fucking. Now let me finish you out you fat tit whore!"

Tears rolled down the new Heidi's face, as she realized she was royally fucked in more ways than one!

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Score5 pointsComments0 comment DateFebruary 25, 2017 Tags

He doesn't know who he's dealing with...

I made it big on Wall Street and invested wisely. I had a residual income of over six-figures, and I traded it all for a body swap with a pretty young teenage girl. I told her she could have it all. She could live the rest of her life as me, a wealthy and comfortable man. And I would become her. I got what I wanted, she got what she wanted. Win/Win.

So here I am living the life of a teenage girl like I had always dreamed when some fuck-head thinks he's gonna screw with me and cast a gender swap spell. Yea, that's right. I've got the body of a sexy young teenage girl and once again I appear to have a cock between my legs.

This body was honestly and fairly bought and paid for with all the accessories included. Now some dipshit is going to come and steal what is rightfully mine? Aw hell no! This cock-sucker doesn't know who he's dealing with. You can damned-sure believe that I will do everything I can to get my tight little pussy back.

I WILL find him.
He WILL cast the reversal spell

And then I WILL put a bullet between his eyes...

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** Comments are always welcome **
** For requests and discussion, please email me at **

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Score7 pointsComments0 comment DateFebruary 25, 2017 Tags

Infusion of Prostitution

Dirk was stunned when he woke up with huge globes on his chest, and a pussy below, while just wearing a bra, panties, stockings, and stripper heels. The long hair around his face also made him notice his new body as he reached over his massive breasts, and into his panties to confirm the realness of his new body. Even his nails were long now.

Then out of the blue a video came on the hotel TV, "You have been graced, dear Dirk, with an infusion of prostitution. What does that mean exactly? Well, for starters you are definitely no longer a man, as you have probably found already. Also, you are finding yourself dressed rather provocatively was well. This is because of your new job, you our now one of our prostitutes. You see, for months you've been ignoring the tip for our girls, and all the while we just seemed to let it slide. No longer, and now the only thing we are letting slide is the big thick cocks of your future clients into your mouth, pussy, or butt. Heck perhaps even all three at once!

So, there is nothing you can do but get used to this. There is no way out, and the changes are rather permanent. So, welcome to your new life as our latest prostitute, Daphne Dicks. You'll see a tight red dress nearby, we suggest you put that on, and your new boss Pimp Pedro will be in shortly to inspect what he's now gotten as his newest "lady", and I use that term loosely since whores usually aren't considered ladies, or at least proper ones. Have a nice life Ms. Dicks, good luck with all those men, and have a good day."

Dirk, now Daphne said only to hear clearly her new female voice, "M... m... MEN?!"

"Yeah, men baby, lots and lots of men. You messin' with our business, now ya'll part of it and best get use to it beotch," said Daphne's new pimp, Pimp Pedro as he burst in the door and into Daphne's slutty new life!

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Score7 pointsComments0 comment DateFebruary 25, 2017 Tags

I'm Not A Girl

I was living some perverse nightmare scenario and I had no one to turn to. No one would believe me. And I had no way of even trying to convince anyone anyway.

“It's a strong curse,” the witch said. “A suitable punishment for an awful man such as yourself. You'll be a woman, now, and anytime you try to convince someone otherwise you'll lose full control of your body. You'll go into autopilot, and until you wake the next day you'll act completely like the woman you are. You won't even remember anything about it.”

“You can't do this!” I said to her. “I'm a man! I'm really a--”

I woke up the next morning, feeling relaxed. I outstretched my arms in a lengthy yawn, but was quickly reminded of my new bosom. Yikes, had I really just lost a whole day?

I got up and went through my room, which looked like it had been cleaned somehow. Did I do that? I grabbed my old work outfit and put it on. No way was I going to wear that dress in the closet.

In the lobby of my apartment building I ran into the landlord. “How are you doing today, Rachel?” He asked kindly. Why did he call me that? Did I run into him yesterday?

“My names not Rachel!” I tried to get out. “I'm a --”

I woke up the next morning. No!! I lost another day! I got up to get clothes on, and found that my ENTIRE wardrobe had been replaced with girly skirts and blouses and dresses. Fuck!

I lost three weeks of time before I finally felt defeated. Every day I woke up there was some indication of Rachel’s progress, and I felt obligated to be more and more like her. It seemed like everyone knew her, and everyone was nice and friendly to her, or to me, I guess.

I went three days straight without losing control, after a little practice I was getting good at pretending to be… myself. But then I met Adam.

“Hello beautiful, what's your name?”

“Rachel, I answered.”

“I saw you earlier and couldn't stop thinking about you, can I get your number?”

I wasn't about to have this. “Please go away, I'm not a ---”

I woke up the next morning. But it was different. I turned over and there was Adam in my bed. What was worse was that my vagina felt… worn out.

“Ahhh! I'm not a gi--”

I woke up the next morning. And again. And again. And again. Each time with Adam next to me, or holding me, or making me breakfast.

I decided I needed to try, or I'd lose all of my time. I timidly got up, allowed Adam to kiss me. We went on dates, cooked for each other. And at night, he gifted me some lingerie and asked that I model it for him.

I went through with it. Feeling the alien sensations of tight silk on my soft shaved body. Feeling sexy for the first time since the curse. I knew that if I denied it I would go through with sex anyway and wake up the next morning, but I surprised myself by calling Adam to the bed in a soft and sultry tone of voice.

He caressed my breasts, kissed me passionately, and soon his dick was inside my warm and wanting pussy. This time, I would experience sex as a girl first-hand.

I never lost time to the curse after that night. I had to face facts.

I am a girl.

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Score8 pointsComments0 comment DateFebruary 25, 2017 Tags

Speed dating

Oh my god, i have to do something, i only have 5 minutes with this girl and she seem already so bored. Say something that could interest her! It's clear she already think of this handsome guy next after me.

I tried engaging discussion but with no success. Our time is nearly over ... i'm a looser, i will never date a girl like her... i so wish i could get into her panties.


What! Why do i see myself in front of me??!! I'm in her body?? And judging by my old body reactions, it seem she is in mine now. She ask how it could happen but i don't listen to her, i'm mesmerized by the view of her, now mine, magnificent pair of breasts. I'm speechless about all this. And when our time is over, she insist violently to stay with me to find a solution. I don't have to do or say nothing to her, some guy of the event's organisation grab her and lead her to the exit with my old body. Their is not much indulgence to the guys who talk badly to the girls.

After they bring her out, i'm invited to sit at the table and meet my next date. I was jealous of that handsome guy before as guy. But now i'm a girl, i found him really attractive. It seem that body begin to mess with my brain too. But that feeling is so good, i coudn't care less.

Three months later, i still date that guy and i'm pretty happy as his girlfriend. Even if i have some memories of my old life, i'm now fully Chloe. I hope the old one had managed to adapt to her new life as good as i have. In any case, i couldn't be happier.

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Score26 pointsComments0 comment DateFebruary 25, 2017 Tags
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