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Afternoon Tea

Ladies, thank you all for coming. Haven't we all had a wonderful time? The salad was divine.

Thanks also to Rosalind for putting together our program. Wasn't it intriguing to hear about some of the new technologies for making certain out of control husbands change their ways?

Let's all give a round of applause for Rosalind and her old friend Mick for showing how they have taught a lesson to Rosalind's husband Terry (now Teresa!). Didn't we all just marvel at how they taught Teresa how to enjoy Mick's big cock between her breasts? Wasn't it funny to see to see "her" wrap her lips around Mick's big cock and even beg for it? Terry/Teresa certainly had it coming for a long time and Mick certainly was happy to oblige.

I predict a lot of us will be considering this product for our husbands in the future.

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A New Life? : Dinner for two

Dinner went surprisingly well. Robert was charming, suave, was at least subtle about looking at my boobs. He thanked me for my hard work, made me feel appreciated, stopped acting like the jackass he tended to be in the office.

As the meal went on, as the wine took effect, i found myself realising how handsome he was.

1) My foot drifted up his leg. "Do you want to get out of here?" i found myself asking.

2) I left, but not before securing another date. Always leave them wanting more.

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"2. no need to rush"
DateMay 23, 2017 Tags

Satisfaction of a woman.

As his dick pulsed and throbbed, I felt my insides rush hot. I'd never knew, being impregnated could feel this good. His seed was pumping into more and more every second before he slowly pulled out. Someone once said that a woman can know or feel themselves ovulating. I'd say I know when exactly I'm being fertilized. I can can feel the warmth in my belly now as I'm being fertilized. If I'm impregnated, the change is said to be permanent....

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Score13 pointsComments0 comment DateMay 22, 2017 Tags

Cosplay Machine- Tink

"Pout all you want, Brandon. You're the one that said crossplay was stupid, then you let me pick the settings in the con's cosplay machine. Did you honestly think I wouldn't mess with you a little?"

Brandon gestured to his mouth and flashed Melony a dirty look.
"True, I forgot Tinkerbelle is mute, but I'm okay with that. Means I don't have to listen to you whine for the whole weekend."

Brandon crossed his arms and pouted again, this time letting out a soft squeak, so far the only sound his could make. He turned his back in frustration on Melony, giving his girlfriend a view of the yellow panties he now wore over his perky ass, peaking out of the bottom of his dress.

"Oh come now, think happy thoughts, Tink!" Melony laughed. "You'll get plenty of attention with that sparkly butt."

Brandon scoffed and marched away, trailing a light cloud of glittering pixie dust in his wake. His tiny feet jingled with each step, making Melony laugh harder and Brandon to become more embarrased. All he could do was look back at her and glare.

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Score18 pointsComments0 comment DateMay 22, 2017 Tags

Copy Paste

"Did it work?" Daniel asked Neil from behind the bushes.
"I have no freaking idea", Neil responded annoyed.
"It has been almost half an hour now", Daniel continued, "If it had worked we would have known".
The boys was keeping a close look on the caravan that was owned by a visiting couple in their town.

"Screw this. I`m going home". After forty-five minutes Daniel had had enough and began to leave their hiding place.
"Ssssch! Get down! The door is opening", Neil dragged Daniel down again to the ground with a thud.
"Sssch! She´s looking this direction!"

The woman that exited the camper was wearing a dress that was barely buttoned up, revealing the glory of her body to any onlooker, and she was looking in the exact direction where the boys was hiding. The woman made a come-hither motion with her hand.
"Whoa! It must have worked", Daniel whispered in amazement.
"Come! Bring the stone", Neil instructed.
The two boys hurriedly entered the caravan.

Four persons was standing in front of each other. Two young boys and a married couple.
Neil began to talk: "Alright. Which one of you is me?"
"I am", the woman said with her dulcet voice.
"Cool! That means that my own copy is inside of you", Daniel said to the guy.
"Yup", the guy beamed and straightened himself. "It feel awesome!"
"Speaking of something not awesome, why the heck did it take so long?", Neil demanded to know.
Their copies in the couple gave each other a knowing look and smiled.

"You see", the Neil-copy in the woman began, "they were having sex and we kinda got caught up in it", she sheepisly said. "It was like the best feeling in the world and it was getting better all the time. It was impossible to stop".
"Yeah", Daniel´s copy interjected, "It was like there was only her and me in the whole world"
The boys gulped. Their intention was to learn more about adults and women but this was a bit too much for them so soon.
Daniel´s copy winked to the boys: "Didn´t you hear her scream when I fucked her pussy sore?"
"TMI! TMI! We didn´t need to hear that", Neil shouted in embarrassment.

The group slowed down a little with their questions and concentrated on what Neil´s copy in the womans body could tell and show them.
She didn´t hold back and showed then everything. The boys agreed that it had been very informative. They even poked her breasts and got to know what a pussy felt like.

The boys was satisfied with their excursion and decided it was time to head home. Neil picked up the stone so he could pull back their copies into themselves again.
When seeing this both their copies in the man and the woman looked horrified. "Nononononono! Please, don´t", they begged.
"Huh?", Neil was perplexed.
Neil´s copy in the woman explained: "We want to stay like this. Me and Rick kinda enjoy having these bodies"
"Rick?", Neil said dumbfounded.
"Him over there", and pointed at Daniel´s copy. "The more we stay in these bodies the more we remember from their lives.
"That´s right. Somehow Julie and I have fallen in love again and we want to keep it like this", Rick added.
Neil gave them a doubtful look but gave in: "Um. Alright".
The married couple gave each other a deep kiss of joy before hugging the boys.
"Ugh lady! You are suffocating me with your boobs", Daniel complained.

Neil and Daniel had begun their walk home, pondering on what just had happened.
"So people that are basically us wants to live like them?"
"Seems like it"
"You know...."
"Know what?"
"We could use this"
"You know. In school. Imagine sending a copy into Ms Michaels. Then she could fix our grades.
"I didn´t think about that. It´s awesome!"
"And we can send a copy into that girl in the candy shop too, so we can get free candy anytime we want!"
"You are a genius!"
"I know" Daniel grinned. "But can I use the stone to send a copy into my sister? She´s been horrible since she started to menstruate.
"Sure dude", Neil said and handed over the rock.

With great power comes great responsbility, something the boys didn´t have. If they wanted something their solution was to send a copy into another person.
Soon most people in their vicinity was a copy of either Daniel or Neil.

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Score20 pointsComments0 comment DateMay 22, 2017 Tags

Tony Torments Me - Part 3 #Uncle

I wake up late Saturday morning and I can tell the house is empty. My mom's out working at the store and my dad and brother will have taken the boat to go fishing. So I can stay in all day alone and try to work out how to get out of this suit.

Once I was up and dressed I texted my Uncle desperate for some advice.

"Sharing with my shitty friends isn't working out so well. Need an alternative."

"I have an idea but you might not like it. So let me prep a few things and get back to you."

"But I need to undo the psyche settings. My best mate Tony has left me locked out of that tab." I returned.

"Let me come on the audio feed."

I hear a soft click and then "Hi Vic, you doing ok?"

"No I'm a bit freaked out." I say, talking to the voice in my head.

"Well calm down. There's no reason to feel stressed, you can relax and take it easy."

My mood shifted as I realised there wasn't anything to worry about.

"I don't want anything bad to happen to my nephew, so I'll watch over you and make sure you don't suffer. So trust me it's going to be ok. Now look you don't need to change the submissive setting, life will be easier like this anyway. So stop worrying about it and just go along to get along."

"Ok sorry I got it out of proportion." I chirped back feeling much better about it.

"So you should accept my ideas more easily, and welcome my suggestions on how to get more credits. I can help you get to the level you need to be at so you don't have to worry ok."

"Uh hu..." I grunt in agreement

"So I'm going to start setting up a live stream on a sex cam site, so you can pass out our suit code to a wider audience and that way score tons of credits much faster. But we'll need to get you some clothes and toys first. How about after school on Monday you come to mine and we'll sort all that out."

"Ok, and you think this is the way to get enough credits really quickly?"

"Sure thing V. You can count on it."

"Then lets do it." I'm eager but he said to do it Monday so I'll wait.

The door bell rings and my Uncle says he'll go quiet and just watch my feed to make sure nothing bad happens. When I open the door it's Tony, Jason, and Stodge. Before I can speak Tony abuses my submissive setting to make it seem like I want them to come in, and my three friends push past me to the kitchen.

"Hey V, get us all a drink." Tony subtly commands, and I am forced to be a dutiful host.

Next it's let us all play on the console and you'd better not be too good and beat us. And now i"m throwing games and letting them trounce me. They all know I'm better at this but they ask if I'm feeling good, Stodge thinks I seem a bit pale. Admitting I've been getting some late nights they laugh it off, but I notice between games Tony is playing with his phone.

"Victor you're really looking pale." Stodge comments. As I feel a nasty bubbling feeling in my chest.

"Yeah excuse me guys I'll just be a minute." I step away in a hurry to the toilet. Pulling in quick and just in time to bend over double as another change sweeps through me.

I look up into the mirror and see an asian girls face, but I also see Tony coming through the door behind me as he calls down to the others "I'll just check in and see if he's ok."

Then to me he commands me to be silent to undress and sink to my knees.

All the time my mind is screaming out for my uncle to stop this but there's only silence and shame. Following my tormentors instructions I take his cock out and slide my mouth over it's tip. Sucking and bobbing my head back and forth as my body rocks on my knees. I suck it in and as he thrusts I'm instructed to play with my pussy. My fingers are told where to go and what to do as he leads me to experience a wave of orgasms, my body flexing and tensing as he uses my mouth to lead up to his own climax.

I'm instructed to eat his cum and I taste and swallow every drop. Then he tells me to take my phone out and take a selfie of my slutty body with his cock in my other hand. I do and he has me text it to him and then tells me never to delete it.

I hate this control he has over me and he tells me to use my app to change back but to keep my tight little pussy. Doing as I am instructed he concocts a story we'll tell the others and forbids me from saying what we did in here, then we go back down to the others. My mind splintered form the intense pleasures and the self loathing for what I just did.

Every time I look at Tony my face goes flush red, the whole time his face is covered in a smug contented grin. A knowing look of the power he's got over me.

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Score11 pointsComments0 comment DateMay 22, 2017 Tags

Kawaii Teahouse

It's hard out there for a college dropout, so I had to find work where I could. That's what led me to apply at the Kawaii Teahouse.

"Konnichiwa! How are you!!" I beamed, bouncing over to some customers who'd just walked in. "Welcome to the Kawaii Teahouse where everything is supa cool!" I said, grinning and flashing a peace sign. If I didn't stay in character and a manager saw me, I could get written up, so I stayed the bouncy japanese hostess named Kawaii Kimi.

I was shocked when they told me I'd need to appear as a woman. I was floored when they used their machine to turn me into one. The hardest news was that as long as I worked for the company, I could not change back. That was an awkward day, telling my friends and family. My parents were shocked by the busty asian chick sitting in their living room, telling them that I was their son. It was mortifying.

"Well, um, son... I suppose if you need any help with, er, being a woman you can always ask me. I have some experience." My mom offered. I turned beat read.

"Thanks." I answered bashfully.


"See, I told you this place was cool." One of the customers said to the other. "It's like Hooters but japanese. Plus, look at the best part. Waitress?" He said, addressing me. "Can you show my friend the fun fun dance?"

Oh boy, here we go. This is one of my least favorite parts of the job. I hesitated before glancing my boss watching me. I swallowed my pride and launched into the prepared dance, which mostly consisted of shaking and gyrating around the lucky guy. My tits nearly fell out by the time I was done.

"Wow, you were right. This place is the best."

I joyfully showed them to their table and took their drink order. As soon as I could get into the kitchen I leaned against the wall and sighed. Was this job worth the humiliation? Only if I could make good tips, and that means more jiggling. I exhaled, put my smile back on, and came back out with their drinks. I just have to take it day by day.

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100 Gallons

Yes, I now spend a significant portion of my life on my knees, shoving dude's dicks into my mouth at every chance I get. No, I don't like it. In fact, I hate every minute of it. I do it because the fairie that turned me into this small, frail ginger girl, told me that I'll become male again by swallowing 100 gallons of cum. I was devastated, but I had little choice, especially when she told me I only had two years to do it. If I can't do it in two years then not only will I be stuck a girl, but she says I'll be sold as a sex slave in another country.

Everything I do now is in an effort to get more dick. I have three boyfriends, and a lot of other guys who I keep in regular rotation. If I'm not making my rounds, I'm patrolling bars for any Joe who can get it up. This guy I met at a gas station and he complimented me on my ass. With a little manuevering it was easy enough to go back to his apartment and get his pants off.

When he cums in my mouth I'm of mixed feeling. I hate the taste, the bland saltiness, and the slimy texture. I hate how it slides down my throat and how it comes in spurts. I hate when he misses my mouth and I need to wipe it with my finger and lick it up. I hate cleaning off his head afterward.

But I love when guys have big loads. When a guy explodes into my mouth I feel a sense of accomplishment. When the load is light, I feel disappointed, since it means more time.

And at least this guy wants to cum in my mouth. A lot of times they force it into my ass or my pussy and I miss out on swallowing their load. That's when I feel really disappointed, but sometimes I have no control. A lot of guys force me into it. Sometimes they slap me and put it in my ass with no lube. It's not like I can do anything, I'm so week and powerless now.

I don't know how much more I have to go, but if it's even possible to swallow 100 gallons of cum in two years, I'll do whatever it takes to do so. Anything to avoid being sold as a sex slave.

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"assuming the average guy cums about..."
DateMay 22, 2017 Tags
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